At CYTE, we work together to achieve a vision where we’re boldly transforming the traditional approach to clinical trials, leading to improved outcomes. We’re building a team of fellow enthusiasts with unparalleled experience to leave their mark and support us on our journey.

Gloria Kayani
Gloria Kayani Chief Executive Officer, CYTE

Our Vision, Mission and Values

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Working at CYTE

We offer our employees strong foundations and opportunities for professional development in the clinical research field. Each team member has their unique strengths. And together, we are stronger.

Our benefits package combined with our lively culture make for a memorable experience working at CYTE.

Employee Testimonials

Employee Testimonials

  • Chris Taylor
    Chris Taylor Product Manager

    I work with our engineers and designers to provide CYTE Connect users with the features they need.

    As a scale-up, CYTE is an exciting place to work. The team ethic is strong, and the opportunity to have an immediate impact on what we do, and how we do it, is immensely rewarding.

  • Bradley Turner
    Bradley Turner Junior Project Manager

    I joined TRI straight out of university as a Clinical Trial Assistant (CTA) and had the opportunity to transition to CYTE. For me, CYTE has always been about development. I’m continually impressed by the company’s growth and the numerous solutions we’ve developed to support our partners.

    This experience has had a profound impact on me, both personally and professionally. I’ve grown alongside the company, transitioning from CTA to Senior CTA, then Junior Network Manager, and reaching my current role as Junior Project Manager. My career path is clear at CYTE, and I’m excited about the opportunities for further development that lie ahead.

  • Paola Carella
    Paola Carella PA and Administrative Support

    I thrive at CYTE because of the company’s commitment to flexibility. This allows me to manage my work-life balance effectively and support project teams with real-world impact. Witnessing CYTE’s growth over my six years has been incredibly rewarding, and I’m proud of the achievements we’ve accomplished as a team.

    The opportunities to work with diverse professionals, coupled with exposure to industry events such as conferences, are truly unique aspects of my role that I will cherish forever.

  • Ouma Cisse
    Ouma Cisse Lead Network Manager

    As a Lead Network Manager, I work in a fast-paced environment where I wear multiple hats – a challenge that I love. In my role I have the unique opportunity to collaborate with our global network of sites to deliver impactful solutions for our Sponsors. I also work alongside the Product team to push our platform’s boundaries.

    Witnessing the tangible results of my efforts is incredibly rewarding, solidifying my belief that CYTE is the place to be for me, and those who want to make a real impact.

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