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This half-day Summit on day 2 of IST, provided an opportunity to bring together our Scientific Advisory Board members with key members of our National Coordinating Council leadership team. The programme was designed to highlight the journey we have travelled since CYTE was established in 2017 and to share where we see ourselves in the next 2-3 years. Over more than a decade, through the GARFIELD registries, our research partner the Thrombosis Research Institute developed strong relationships and intellectual equity with a remarkable global network, and we began by setting out how and why that network has been transferred to CYTE. Members of our Scientific Advisory Board and National Coordinating Council shared key messages from some of our studies, including GARFIELD-AF and -VTE, RIVER and ETHIC, and reviewed key findings, research and collaborations.

We provided attendees with a deep dive into our current model of operation, showcasing our unique offering, robust leadership structure, strategic partnerships, strong pipeline, broad geographic reach and areas of focus in cardiovascular disease. In the penultimate session of the day, we highlighted the vital role our National Coordinating Investigators play as the backbone of our offering and shared case reports on four of our current studies, to demonstrate the practical application of our operating model.

The meeting concluded by looking to the future, providing an overview of our roadmap for the next 2-3 years, outlining how we believe CYTE will develop as we continue to grow, enhancing our services while retaining our absolute focus on delivering high quality research for the benefit of patients.

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