We were interested to note research which concluded that “specialisation brings deep expertise and satisfied clients”. Pharma and biotech companies are looking to avoid committing to inflexible contracts from large contract or clinical research organisations. There is a trend toward working with specialised CROs such as CYTE because of the unique expertise they can provide, the flexibility they can offer and the affordability of their services. CYTE has also noted a number of acquisitions of smaller, specialised CROs by larger players in a bid to acquire new silos of expertise. From a business development perspective, we observe a number of factors to be particularly important as we enter into discussions with partners. Our experience is well-regarded (our parent organisation TRI has been conducting clinical research for over 55 years). CYTE also has a network of clinical leaders with a special interest in cardiovascular research, and a track record in such studies. Reputation continues to be vital; TRI has built up a store of goodwill, and the work of our clinical network is well regarded. Agility and affordability are a key part of our ‘pitch’. We are a smaller organisation and therefore we move quickly, with in-built approaches to reducing study costs and therefore enabling us to undercut competition on pricing. Last and certainly not least is our team. Alongside our board we have experienced leadership with large networks within the life sciences.

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