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Karen Pieper

Karen Pieper has over 30 years of experience in vascular research, randomised clinical trials and observational data analysis. She served as the Independent Lead Statistician and as an Associate Director of Statistics while at the Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI). She has taught research concepts to industry leads and clinicians internationally.  The annual Karen Pieper Award for Research Support was developed by the DCRI fellowship program in her honour.

She served as a member of the American Statistical Association Committee on Applied Statisticians and as a member of the Committee on Ethical Practices. Ms Pieper has served as the independent voting member for multiple DSMBs and is currently a member of the executive committee for a network of large trials.

She has overseen the statistical aspects of clinical programmes, through the publication of over 100 manuscripts within a trial in some cases.  In addition to clinical trials, registries and publications, Ms Pieper has extensive experience combining studies for patient level meta-analyses and has been involved in the creation of data warehouses of the mega-trials with a common clinical theme.

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