CYTE staff member

CYTE is a unique place to work that allows you to experience the full scope of clinical trials. At CYTE I’ve had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects including registries and interventional studies as well partake in the development of the CYTE Connect platform.

Scientific Advisory Board member

The deep roots, strong relationships and global network of TRI puts CYTE in a unique position to expand rapidly and stay at the forefront of research services.

National Coordinating Investigator

CYTE provides a connected community of researchers with a unified functional platform to facilitate clinical research. Many of the frustrations of clinical trials experienced by clinicians will be removed and we will be able to undertake meaningful studies with accuracy and ease in a timely way.

Scientific Advisory Board member

CYTE has the advantage of connections with cardiologists and investigational sites through the work done by TRI. These deep roots have allowed CYTE to expand rapidly. We are already partnering with global companies in exciting studies and plan to be in the forefront of cardiology research.

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